We never buy real animal fur


They are, once again, the winter’s most sought after accessory: the fluffy pom pom adorning our hats, keyrings and scarves. But how many of us realise that such a small piece of furry fun has been the fur industries way of clawing it’s way back into our wardrobes?

Many retailers are selling real fur and the majority of customers remain oblivious to the unimaginable cruelty involved in the industry.

Fur farms were banned in the UK in 2000 but the law did not prevent imports from countries where fur farming is allowed, such as Russia, China and Poland.

Animals have no rights in China, which produces nearly 80 per cent of the world’s fur.

A report in 2013 by Animals Australia stated that up to 2 million dogs and cats were killed each year in China alone for their fur. Foxes, rabbits, mink , racoon dogs and cats are gassed, beaten or electrocuted. If they are lucky, they die but many are skinned alive (it’s cheaper and saves time) in front of others terrifyingly awaiting their fate.

With such conditions fur is usually cheaper to produce than faux.It is easy to believe the “it’s rabbit, a by product of the meat industry” that is peddled out by some retailers to try and soften the grizzly secret of the pelt they are selling. But when did you last eat rabbit? And you can be pretty certain it wasn’t cleanly shot by the ruddly faced nice farmer before taking it to the butcher to prepare.

As we used to say in the 80’s …. It takes up to 40 dumb animals to make a fur coat. But only one to wear it.